*Below are the policies and procedures we will be implementing upon re-opening our physical doors.*

PURPOSE: To provide a workplace guide for reopening our business while maintaining the health and safety of our staff, parents, and students. POLICY: This policy allows our business to comply with the legal requirements outlined in order to ensure the health and safety obligations and comply with city ordinance Stay Home, Work Safe Amendment rules.

COVID-19 Best Practice opening procedure guidelines:

1) Virtual Zoom classes will continue for all classes in the Fall for anyone wanting to stay home and prevent any potential exposure. Class codes will be provided with class registration.
2) Parents must keep any child home who is not feeling well. Any child who presents for class and does not look well or voices not feeling well will be kept apart from all others and their parents notified immediately to pick them up.
3) All in-person class sizes will be limited so that we can properly follow the CDC requirements for social distancing. Within each classroom, the floors will be taped off so that each dancer has the appropriate dance area to work within. Each dancer space will also be separated.
4) Face covering: Face masks must be worn by unvaccinated students. Those students who have been fully vaccinated can make their choice for face covering. All instructors will wear face coverings at all times.
5) The lobby, office, and dancer back room will be CLOSED and not open for any parent/student gathering.
6) Payments can be made electronically through Venmo, placed in the Payment mailbox outside the office door by the student entering for class, or Mailed.
7) One bathroom in the studio will be identified and used by students only; while the second bathroom will be identified and used only by instructors. Proper hand washing is required by all. We encourage students to use the bathroom at home before class, but certainly understand that circumstances may arise.
8) Hand Sanitizer must be used by each student upon entry into the studio, as well as after class before exiting the studio. Hand sanitizer stations will be located at the entrance door to the studio, each classroom entry door, as well as each classroom exit side door.

1) The front entrance door will be cleaned before and after each class entry.
2) All high touch areas (door handle/knobs, light switches, water machine) in the lobby/hallway area will be cleaned after each class.
3) Bathrooms will be cleaned between each use with full cleaning/disinfection at the end of each class day. (Again, please encourage students to use the bathroom at home prior to class).
4) All Classes will be dismissed 10 minutes early to allow for proper student exit and cleaning of classrooms. a. Floor b. Exit door handle / Classroom door knob c. Computer keyboard, mouse, monitor, table d. Music system ipad e. Ballet barres (if used)

1) All students will ENTER through the main entrance (facing parking lot). All students will EXIT through the side door (facing Westwind) of each studio room. The entrance door will be locked at all times and opened 5 minutes before class time in order to accept only those students taking class. Students should wait in their drop-off vehicle until the door is opened. Students and/or parents waiting outside the entrance and exit doors must adhere to the 6 feet social distancing rule, and wear face covering.
2) The entrance door will be opened 5 minutes before class and students will go directly into their classroom and sit in their designated dance space. They will remain within their space for the entire session. If a bathroom visit is needed, the staff will ensure that social distancing is maintained.
3) Dance bags should only be brought if necessary and will be placed in a designated spot right by the dancer's dance space. Students should not bring in any additional backpacks as there will not be any area for storage. Little dancers who require shoe change during class should bring them in a small bag and will be assisted if needed by the instructor. Hand sanitizer will be used before and after assisting your child.
4) Students must bring their own water bottle as gathering around the water fountain will not be allowed.
5) No cell phones will be allowed. If a parent must send the child to class with a cell phone in their bag, it must be in a sealed ziploc. We don't allow them out during class, and staff members will always be available to contact parents for pickup. Older students with cell phones must have them in a ziploc inside their bag and must not use them while in class.
6) Across the floor work will not be part of the class to ensure there is no cross contamination. We will adapt our classes as needed should the pandemic control change.

1. All students will be dropped off and picked up from the parking lot in a drive through fashion. (Lobbies are closed). Momma Q will open the front door 5 minutes before class. Hand sanitizer must be used before entering the classroom.
2. Students will sit in their spot until class begins.
3. Students will perform all dance maneuvers within their dance area.
4. At the end of class, student will remain in their dance spot until released.
5. Once student is released to leave, the student will exit making sure to use Hand Sanitizer.

Back to Back Classes
1. If same classroom - student remains in spot, changes shoes if necessary.
2. If different classroom - student waits for teacher to release, student leaves classroom to enter different classroom making sure to use Hand Sanitizer.
3. Student goes directly to dancer spot to await class.


· Please stay home if you are feeling sick or exhibiting any symptoms.
· Masks are to be worn at all times and should cover the nose and mouth.
· Stand outside six feet apart to have your temp taken before entering.
· Bring a water bottle and bag only if you have a change of shoes.
· Lobby will remain closed at this time. Parents will need to wait in their car or simply drop off and return for pickup.
· Please use the restroom at home before attending the studio if at all possible.
· Classes will be let out of the side door 10 mins. prior to the next hour to allow staff to sanitize before the incoming group.
· Dancers who are taking multiple classes in the same room will stay in their box and await their next class. If the dancer needs to change rooms, they will wait in their box until the next room is available